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It just occurred to me that instead of uploading EVERY single piece I did in 2020 to this new account, or at least the ones I feel are essential would flood how much artwork it seems I'm producing in this new year. So instead, I'd like to share my work in a news post.

2020 was a difficult year as I was restricted to only taking classes at home - essentially meaning that any art assignments I had at home also required me to sit in the same space I have and influence myself with when creating the art that I may be a lot more passionate about. However, through loads of experimentation and a realization of what I want my art to look like (most of the time), this was also the year where I felt the most comfortable with a style. This "news" post is meant to take you through some of the posts that I was the proudest of this year and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

January 6th: The Librarian (Barbara van Courtland)


Painted, digitally, completely out of the blue during a discord call - The Librarian was meant to be a quick idea of a college catgirl that also interns as a librarian. After a friend suggested that I should make a fursona, I thought of giving her the name Barbara van Courtland. While I do like this piece, I don't think I have any interest in using this character further.

March 1st: Happy Birthday Chun Li!


Meant to be a quick piece in celebration of one of the most iconic faces in fighting games and video games in general, this portrait marks the first time I used a new brush that I created in SAI2. Although I wanted to capture aspects of Kinu Nishimura's art style, I wanted the lining of my illustrations to capture the look of my pencil marks in traditional sketches.

June 7th: FAUST (Guilty Gear Strive)

As I've posted this work already, I'll link to it instead of showcasing it here.

July 17th: FLEMING


July 19th: QFF


These two are my favorite pieces of 2020, so I felt as if I had to talk about them even though I also posted them separately. I feel like these works were an evolution of the kind of work that I could create, while also being a significant step forward in what I want my art to look like. For a long time, I've wanted to draw or animate to tricot's music, and these improvised pieces, although I did use reference, is meant to capture the feelings I have when I listen to tricot's music.

When it came to Fleming, I wanted to capture the moment of a young adult pouring out their feelings through screaming and music. For this piece, I had to take a picture of myself holding a broom, as I don't have a guitar.

For QFF, I felt the song was very romantic in its tone, but also about a toxic relationship within its lyrics. Thus, I wanted to capture a woman that was distanced from a lover, while seeped in poison - represented by the purple background. This one had a lot more improvisation in its creation, especially when drawing the hair.

I'll post my Meet the Artist and the illustration after it in a separate news post.

September 28th: Drunk Lammy

With this being a request, there really isn't much to say. However, I did want to experiment with capturing an entire scene instead of a character within the void of a solid color background.

October 20th: Playing Cards Set (features slight nudity)

Since I've gone into full detail on this project I did for school, I'll link to my Twitter post about it instead!

November 5th: Momma Martha from Helluva Boss


Not even gonna sugarcoat it, I drew her because I thought she was hot and badass. Sometimes you don't need any more of a reason to draw a character.

December 29th: Travis Touchdown (NMH3)


With No More Heroes coming to Switch and new information of No More Heroes 3 being revealed late last year, I felt like it was time to challenge myself by drawing a character that I felt like would be very hard to draw. Honestly, I'm very happy with the results, aside from his mouth.

And with that, that's all I really have to showcase for 2020! There are other works that I created, but this is what I was most proud of. However, I'm already working on various new pieces for this year that originally got their start in 2020. I can't wait to share them and grow more as an artist this year.

Thank you for reading.


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